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How to set up your voice mail

These instructions guide you through initial voice mail setup.

Before you Begin

Voice mail is a service associated with office phones on campus. Before you can use voice mail on a new phone installation, you must set it up. By default, your voice mail personal identification number (PIN) is 0000.

These instructions explain how to set up voice mail for the first time. This process includes the following:

  • Change your voice mail PIN
  • Record your name
  • Record a standard greeting

When you order new phone service at Illinois State University, your new phone is automatically given access to voice mail.

Set Up Your Voice Mail

To set up your campus voice mail for the first time, do the following:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From your campus phone, press the Messages button or dial 8-3000.
    • Or if from another campus phone, dial 8-3000, then press the star key (*).
    • Or if from a mobile phone or an off-campus phone, dial 309-438-3000, then press the star key (*).
  2. You will be prompted to enter your ID, which is your five-digit phone number, followed by the pound key (#).
  3. Enter your voice mail PIN followed by the pound (#) sign.
    • The default voice mail PIN is 0000.
  4. You are prompted to record your name.
    • When you are prompted to do so, speak your first and last name and then press the pound key (#).
    • The system will play back your recorded name so you can hear it.
    • To save your recorded name, press pound (#).
  5. You are prompted to record a standard greeting.
    • A standard greeting that uses your recorded name is played. To keep this standard greeting without recording a new one, press pound (#).
    • To record a personal greeting in your own voice, press 1 and speak your personal greeting. When you are finished, press pound (#).
    • The system will play back your personal greeting so you can hear it.
    • To save your personal greeting, press pound (#).
  6. You are prompted to change your PIN.
    • Your PIN must be at least 4 digits long.
    • For security, you may be occasionally asked to change your PIN.
    • Enter your new PIN followed by pound (#).
    • You will be prompted to enter your new PIN again followed by pound (#).
  7. You will be informed that you have completed enrollment. At this time, you may make a phone call, send a message to another campus phone number, or hang up.

You have completed the voice mail setup for your campus phone.