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How to access saved voice mail messages

Access the campus voice mail system to playback messages you've saved.

Access Saved Voice Mail Messages

You can access your voice mail directly from your campus phone or from another phone either on or off campus.

This article describes how to listen to new saved voice mail messages. A saved voice mail message is one that you previously received and chose to save (rather than deleting or leaving marked as new).

To access your saved voice mail messages, do the following:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From your campus phone, press the Messages button or dial 8-3000.
    • From another campus phone, dial 8-3000.
    • From a mobile phone or an off-campus phone, dial 309-438-3000.
  2. If you are accessing your voice mail from a phone other than your campus phone, do the following:
    • After connecting to the campus phone system, press the star key (*).
    • You will be prompted to enter your ID, which is your five-digit phone number, followed by the pound key (#).
  3. Enter your PIN followed by the pound key (#).
  4. Your new messages begin playing immediately.
    • Listen to your new messages or wait until message playback begins and then press the star key (*) to go to the main menu. If you press the star key (*) too soon, you will be sent to an operator instead of being taken to the main menu and will need to hang up and try again.
  5. From the main menu, press 3 to review old messages.
  6. Press 1 to listen to saved messages.
    • Your saved messages begin playing immediately.

You can use message playback commands to interact with a message while it is playing.

After listening to a message, you can save the message (press 2) or delete the message (press 3). You have other options as well as described below.

  • Repeat: Press 1 to replay the entire message.
  • Save: Press 2 to save the message.
  • Delete: Press 3 to delete the message.
  • Forward: Press 5 to forward the message to another campus phone.
  • Mark as New: Press 6 to mark the message as new.
  • Skip Back: Press 7 to skip back in a the message.
  • Message Properties: Press 9 to hear message properties.
  • Cancel Playing Messages: Press the star key (*) to cancel playing messages.
  • Help: Press 0 to hear message playback help.