Technology Support Center

Administrative Technologies


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. PDF is a popular file format for electronic documents.


Avira is the recommended anti-virus product for Mac OS X.


CCleaner scans temporary folders and the registry for unwanted items. It can also prevent unwanted programs from running when Windows starts up.

Cherwell Client

Use the Cherwell Client to manage incidents, service requests, configuration items, knowledge articles, and more. 

Cisco AnyConnect

When you're off campus, use Cisco AnyConnect to access restricted services like network shares.

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is a messaging application for faculty and staff who are licensed for its use with the campus unified communications initiative.


Cyberduck is an open source SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) and FTP client.


FileZilla is an open source SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) and FTP client for Windows and Mac OS X.


This popular web browser supports tabbed browsing, integrated searching, pop-up blocking, and automatic updates.

Lab Utilities

This software is to be installed on computers in campus comptuer labs. It contains the Log Off utility, the iSaver screen saver, and the Map Network Drives utility.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Remove malware from your computer using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Map Network Drive Utility

Use the Map Network Drive Utility to access shared folders on campus servers, like your personal share on Datastore.

Map Network Drives - Windows 7 Fix

Download and run this registry update for Windows 7 so it can connect to Samba shares.

McAfee Site Advisor

This browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer protects you from dangerous and suspicious websites.

McAfee VirusScan/Virex Uninstaller for Mac

Use this uninstaller to remove McAfee VirusScan and McAfee Virex from Mac OS X.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Scan your computer to find and remove viruses. Security Essentials proactively protects your computer by scanning files you download and open.

QWS3270 Secure

Used by mainframe operators, advisers, and ITK majors, this secure 3270 client is used to access the mainframe.

ShareMount Utility

Use the ShareMount Utility to access shared folders on campus servers, like your personal share on Datastore.


Use SimpLDAP, a Java-based LDAP client, to search for people affiliated with Illinois State University.


Use SimpleHelp to allow the Help Desk to remotely access your computer for purposes of providing technical support.


Use SmitFraudFix to scan for and remove desktop hijack malware.

SPSS Patch

Install these patches to update SPSS.


Remove spyware from your computer with Spybot.


TDSSKiller is a tool created by Kaspersky Lab to remove specific types of malware that block the use of other malware removal tools and/or Windows processes.


This full-featured email client offers excellent spam filtering, quick message search, and customizable views.

uPrint Pharos

The Pharos uPrint software allows mobile users to send print jobs to uPrint printers around campus.

VPN Profile

Install the VPN profile for your operating system or device to access restricted resources at Illinois State University.

Wireless Certs

The campus wireless networks, "isunet" and "isu-resnet," require SSL certificates issued by InCommon.